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Northern Diver

Northern Dive Waterproof Changing Robe

€85,00 EUR
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€85,00 EUR
Size (clothes)

Changing out of your wet kit in public just got a whole lot easier with this cosy unisex Changing Robe. Perfect for keeping you warm, dry and covered up, the oversized design ensures that there is plenty of space inside the robe to allow you to change quickly and easily whilst remaining shielded.

Designed with your convenience and comfort in mind, the changing robe is fully waterproof and windproof with 300gsm fleece insulation, ensuring you can get changed in warmth and comfort, whilst protected from the elements. To maximise your comfort, the robe also boasts an adjustable hood, hand warmer pockets, a chest pocket and roll sleeve tabs, so you can achieve your desired coverage. 

Not only is a great garment for changing, but it is also the perfect solution for keeping warm in colder conditions. The oversized fit means that it will sit comfortably over your clothes, providing an extra toasty layer of thermal protection when you need it most. It is a particularly popular choice with divers, open water swimmers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

However, it is a truly versatile item and useful in a range of situations, not just sports related. It’s a great garment to keep in the back of the car or folded up in your bag for whenever necessary. Whether it’s a walk that’s taken a chilly turn for the worse or you need to warm up whilst standing around watching your child’s sports team, this changing robe is the answer.